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Bike Rental

Rent a bike from DKK 139 / month!

Bike By Us

From: 179,00 DKK / month

Rent a bike from DKK 139 / month!

3 gears, lights, basket, lock. Best quality and super comfortable. Completely ready to go – and bike service is of course included! Support a local company by agreement and get the city’s undoubtedly best bike at the lowest price. Order today.   Price:

  • Bicycle with 1 month. binding: DKK 179 /month.

  • Bicycle with 4 months. Binding: DKK 169 / month.

  • Bicycle with 6 months. Binding: DKK 139 / month.


We also rent children’s bicycles. CONTACT US




Bicycle without binding: DKK 179 / month.

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Bicycle with 6 months binding: DKK 139 / month.

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Bicycle with 4 months binding: DKK 169 / month.

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